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Programme Committee

The Programme Committee of the Polish Culture Congress was appointed by the Minister of Culture and Cultural Heritage. Its members are distinguished personages from the world of science and culture. The Committee’s main tasks include presenting content-related recommendations associated with the organization of the Polish Culture Congress and giving opinions on the Congress agenda. The Committee members will be also honorary guests of the Polish Culture Congress.

The members of the Programme Committee of the Congress include:
• Piotr Sztompka – Chair of the Committee
• Stanisław Bereś
• Kardynał Stanisław Dziwisz
• Agnieszka Holland
• Zina Jarmoszuk
• Andrzej K. Koźmiński
• Jerzy Koźmiński
• Michał Merczyński
• Krzysztof Penderecki
• Maria Poprzęcka
• Anda Rottenberg
• Krzysztof Warlikowski
• Andrzej Rottermund
• Andrzej Wajda
• Antoni Wit
• Edmund Wnuk- Lipiński

The participants of the activities of the Programme Committee are also consultants:

• Jacek Purchla
• Monika Smoleń

Secretary of the Programme Committee is Krzysztof Matuszek.

Objectives of the Congress

The objective of the 6th Culture Congress held in Kraków in 2009 is to assess the existing achievements of Polish culture on the 20th anniversary of political, social and economic transformations, to reflect and debate on the current and expected condition of Polish culture, and, consequently, to put forward recommendations and proposals for reforms for this sector.

The role of the Polish Culture Congress will be in particular:
• To give deeper thought to the place, role and perspectives of Polish culture twenty years after the political breakthrough;
• To attempt to define the mission of Polish culture and its re-interpretation on the fifth anniversary of Poland’s membership in the European Union;
• To identify the most essential factors affecting the position of Polish culture in the United Europe;
• To hold a debate on the new strategy for Polish culture by engaging artists, activists, employees and officials from the culture sector in a constructive dialogue;
• To identify the most important challenges faced by Polish culture;
• To present “Reports on the state of culture” prepared after twenty years of multi-aspect transformations.

History of the Congresses

The initiative to organize the Polish Culture Congress in 2009 in Kraków is a reference to a specific form of debate on the mission and condition of culture which in Poland has a tradition of nearly one hundred years.

There have been five Polish Culture Congresses so far. Each of them took place in historical conditions of particular importance for Poland. It was convened at the initiative of social and intellectual authorities. At all times it addressed the most important problems at the time, in accordance with the idea of the constantly growing role of culture and its value without which the nation cannot develop, but also change and grow richer.

The 6th Polish Culture Congress 2009 was preceded by:
• 5th Polish Culture Congress, 7th-10th December 2000, Warsaw, National Theatre
• 4th “Solidarność” Polish Culture Congress, 11th – 13th December 1981, Warsaw, Dramatic Theatre
• 3rd “Millenium” Polish Culture Congress, 7th – 9th October 1966, Warsaw, Grand Theatre
• 2nd “Antifascist” Polish Culture Congress, 16th – 17th May 1936, Lviv
• 1st Grunwald Convention, 15th – 17th July 1910, Kraków

Live Webcast
Take virtual part in the Congress. It will be possible to watch discussions held during the meetings online in the “Live Coverage” bookmark.

Read the timetable of the Polish Culture Congress

A number of cultural events are held in conjunction with the Congress. Their participants may be both the registered Congress participants and all those interested who wish to take advantage of this unique cultural offer.

The events planned or the Congress guests will include:

• Matejko, Reactivation – a visit to Jan Matejko’s restored house
• A series of concerts in Bishop Erazm Ciołek Palace
• Factory 2 – a performance directed by Krystian Lupa, inspired by the personality and life of Andy Warhol
• The Trilogy based on Henryk Sienkiewicz’s novels – a performance directed by Jan Klata

Other events include:
• Tomasz Stańko & Friends/ AUKSO Chamber Music Orchestra – concert to pay tribute to the composer and pianists Krzysztof Komeda on the 40th anniversary of his death
• Sinfonietta Cracovia/Trio Kroke – original programme
• New Europe. The landscape of changes 20 years after the fall of communism – the exhibition of photographs by Łukasz Trzciński
• Main competition exhibition of the International Graphics Triennial 2009

Congress facilities

The locations of meetings held as part of the Polish Culture Congress are situated in the centre of Kraków, within close distance from each other.

The press conference of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage will be held at the International Culture Centre. The Polish Culture Congress symposia are to be held in the conference rooms of the Jagiellonian Library. The Congress Centre will be at Audytorium Maximum – this is where all the plenary sessions and most of symposia will take place. The Wyspiański Pavilion will house the Congress Press Centre.

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