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Welcome to the website dedicated to the Polish Culture Congress to be held in Kraków on 23rd to 25th September 2009.

Organized at the initiative of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bogdan Zdrojewski, the Congress provides an occasion for the people of culture – artists, visionaries, managers, culture sector employees and all those interested in similar subjects – to reflect on the state and situation of Polish culture at the beginning of the 21st century. No field of culture could resist change brought by the systemic transformation in Poland and Poland’s accession to the European structures. The task of the Congress participants is to try to answer the question: What new challenges do audiences and makers of culture in Poland meet? What is the role of culture in Poles’ daily life? And also: Is it possible to develop a new strategy for the development of culture, based on dialogue and consultations with artists, representatives of the culture sector and its audiences.

The Congress website consists of four main sections, each of which is regularly updated and added new contents.
The main page contains a lot of information which is to provide inspiration and to serve as a source of knowledge for all those interested in Polish culture. The presented sections include:

* Cultural Events Calendar – it contains descriptions of the most interesting events which have influenced Polish culture in the recent years;
* Culture Management Dictionary – it gives explanations of terms used in cultural activities;
* Icons of Culture – it presents the works of Polish artists displayed in Zachęta National Art Gallery and in the regional Zachęta Fine Arts Societies, as well as in the Contemporary Art Centres, museums and galleries in Poland;
* Manager in Action Section – it is where you can find extensive interviews with young artists involved in cultural activity;
* Multimedia – among other things it shows footage of debates accompanying the Polish Culture Congress.

In the Manager in Action bookmark you can find interviews with interesting, experienced people from the culture sector, who through their involvement in the social and cultural projects may inspire future managers of culture. Extensive interviews on the challenges faced by young organizers of cultural activities and interdependencies in the sphere of culture, are to familiarize readers with the issues related to the work in this sector and to encourage them to undertake cultural initiatives in the future.

The Icons of Culture bookmark contains photographs which document the artistic achievements of Polish contemporary artists. The photographs have been made available by courtesy of the National and Regional Zachęta Fine Arts Societies and the Contemporary Art Centre, museums and galleries in Poland. The presented works provide a picture of Polish contemporary art in the last two decades.

15 expert studies, each of which provides a distinct analysis of specific fields of culture in Poland, prepared from the perspective of the last 20 years, and contains recommendations for their further development. The interactive character of this part of the website means that everyone can comment each of the presented reports.

The website is updated on a regular basis and it contains the latest information on the Congress itself but also on the events which accompany the Congress.
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